SHOW 2016

The first edition of Nine.Squares focused on the fusion of traditional art and craft forms of India with modern interiors and lifestyle design. Keeping in mind this theme, ‘Nine.Squares’ assembled diverse products and services, relevant to the space design. The show recorded a footfall of 9500 visitors at the Diggi Palace, and was attended by people from all walks of life. It was surely a dream come true for the entire team of Nine.Squares to provide a platform for the design, art & craft communities to showcase their captivating products and skills. Students and young professionals benefited by various crafts workshops and live demonstrations by artisans and award winning master craftsman. Interactive sessions with connoisseurs, stalwarts and influencers of the design community created a dialogue on design through presentations and Chai & Chat sessions. Live music throughout the day by young musicians and Kabir Café band at the cultural evening marked the festivity flavor of the event. In essence, saluting the heroes of design and to take the dialogue a notch higher, Nine.Squares treasured, revived and sustained India’s wealthy design tradition through this initiative.

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2017 witnesses the 70th Anniversary of Indian Independence. The year is a time of reflection on progress, achievements and shortfalls – and the design sector is surely contribute to the same. Through Nine.Squares we will hope to reaffirm, revalidate and derive strength from the roots of our rich heritage, culture and ancient wisdom, creating a firm ground for a distinct Indian design identity. Along with crafts, this forward movement will also encourage visual art practices influencing the design industry thereby facilitating an understanding of the interdisciplinary influences in space design and the wide footprint of our heritage – all a part of the annual platform that is Nine.Squares, organized in ‘Jaipur: The world craft city.’ Editions #2 of Nine.Squares, impending in September 2017, takes forward the values sown in Edition #1 and celebrates ‘Artisans Reinvented.’ Not only do we intend to be inspired by the incredible art and craft forms of our country but also be enriched by its innovative and creative adaptations in a global context.

  • Exhibition of products and services related to the theme of the show.
  • Idea exchange and skill workshops for young students and adults
  • Showcasing the work of eminent artists/ designers who have contributed significantly to the design fabric of India
  • Live skill demonstration by artisans
  • Casual and intense talks on various design subjects with experts on Chai and Chat sessions
  • Keynote address by a design stalwart of India
  • Business meet and cultural evenings with musical performances.

Get a glimpse of wide national and regional media coverage of Nine.Squares Edition #1, the Jaipur Design Show.

Show 2016 Recorded Footfall 9000
exhibits +50
Partners +15