Exhibit with us

You may send us an enquiry to showcase your products with us, we will respond back at the earliest.


  • Licensing and allocation of exhibition space: Exhibition space is licensed to the participant only. Participants are not allowed to sub-license the Exhibition space allocated to either wholly or in part, without prior written consent of the organizers. Participants are not allowed to give out, even in part, or exchange their stand with third parties. No items will be displayed outside the stalls. The organizers are committed to doing all within their resources to provide an excellent experience but reserve the right to change the venue for the Exhibition, alter the exhibition space, size and dimension allocated to the participant, change or close entrances and exits and access to the Exhibition and to undertake other structural alterations as they deem fit. Such changes shall be at the discretion of the organizers, and the participant shall have no claim for compensation as a result of any changes. Ready stands are all erected according to a standard pattern. No variation of the standard fascia and lettering will be permitted. Exhibits and displays should not exceed the height of the stand walls unless approved by the organizers.
  • Display: Participants may display only those products in their stalls that have been approved during the screening process.
  • Intellectual Property: It is important that all exhibitors respect the rights of others to their original design works and desist from plagiarism in any form. The organizers reserve the rights to close down any exhibits that do not respect these property rights, and without compensation.
  • Terms of Payment: 100% at the time of booking. All payments to be made by way of Cheque / Demand Draft / NEFT favoring NINE DOT SQUARES LLP and payable at JAIPUR. Stalls will be considered booked only after receiving the payment. In case full payment is not received 45 days prior to the event, the organizers reserve the right to treat your booking as cancelled and all advances paid shall stand forfeited. Possession of stall space will be given only on receipt of full payment.
  • Cancellations: In the event that the participant cancels the booking, for whatsoever reason, no refunds of the advance payment shall be made, In the event of cancellation of the show due to riots/strike or any other man-made/natural disasters, the money will not be refunded. In case the participant does not show up for the event full amount so paid by the participant shall be forfeited and the organizers reserve the right to re-allocate that space in any manner as deemed fit by the organizers.
  • Duties and Taxes: Organizers will not be responsible in any manner whatsoever for liabilities pertaining to any government tax or duties and the same shall be the sole responsibility of the participant.
  • Nine Dot Squares LLP will promote the event with the required publicity. However, we do not guarantee sales.
  • Liability: The Participant agrees to indemnify and hold the Organizers harmless, on demand against all claims, liabilities, losses, suits, damages, judgments, expenses, costs and charges of every kind arising out of the default or negligence of, or any damage caused by the Participant or its contractors or sub-contractors. All exhibits are to be brought to, displayed and removed from the exhibition centre at the participant's own risk and should be safeguarded by the Participant at all times. The organizer shall not be responsible in the event of any theft or fire taking place at the exhibition or any error or omission relating to the Participant, equipment, products or services in the listings in the Exhibition's Official Directory or in any promotional material. In the event the Exhibition is cancelled / postponed due to any major/unforeseen occurrence the participant shall have no claim whatsoever for compensation for loss or damage suffered or additional expenses incurred as a result of any cancellation, postponement and alteration in character or reduction in scale of the Exhibition. Participation in the Exhibition is solely at the Participant's own risk. No claim will be entertained whatsoever of any nature against the organizer.
  • Rules of Agreement: Any Participant, for himself and his employees and representative, agree to abide by the foregoing rules and by any amendments that maybe put into effect by the Organizers.
  • Governing Law and Jurisdiction: Terms and conditions shall be governed and construed in all respects in accordance with the laws of India and the Participant submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction to the court in Jaipur
Conduct a Workshop

Share exceptional skills and ideas with the budding professionals and re-orient the most experienced to the art and craft pool. We look forward to team up with the connoisseurs in the field and their take on design and craft forms. Please write to us specifying ‘Conduct a Workshop’ as the subject for the enquiry, we would get back to you at the earliest.


  • We organize workshops in two halves of the design show, morning and evening slots which maximizes the teaching sessions that we offer to the visitors. Interested experts may also evaluate the duration of a workshop session, one day, two day or three day, as per requirement and other standards during the show.
  • Workshops proposals which are more skill and design based would be appreciated, to enhance the hands on experience and academic knowledge in the field.
Chai & Chat

Share, experience and create a design vocabulary unique to our country. Present your work philosophy and how it can transform the world of art, crafts and design. If you feel you can inspire our guests with your moving design notions, please write to us specifying ‘Chai & Chat’ as the subject for the enquiry, we would get back to you at the earliest.

Get Featured

Showcase a fusion of traditional craft forms with modern design themes during the design show. Please write to us specifying ‘Get featured’ as the subject for the enquiry, we would get back to you at the earliest.


  • Pick your spot from the designated spaces for installations on the venue: Diggi Palace, Jaipur.
  • TRENDS LOUNGE CONCEPT: The lounge would be a unique space demonstrating the core belief of Nine.Squares through a mix of ancient wisdom and modern design vocabulary. Thereby painting the canvas of the show with exemplary range of products; showcasing meticulous craft transformation into newer design trends. It would essentially be a significant aspect of Nine. Squares initiative to promote innovative design practices and encouraging the formation of an Indian design identity by displaying works of the pioneers in the design field. The gallery space would narrate stories of multiple creative design approaches and would thus provide viewers a field of open interpretation to dwell upon.
  • SCOPE OF INVOLVEMENT: Feature furniture, lighting, installations, artifacts among infinite range of products. We are looking to not only celebrate the final design output, but also the enriching process of production of such design initiatives in the form of photographic narratives, documentaries among many more.
Volunteer Programme

If you're interested in volunteer programs; you're in the right place. Here you'll find fantastic volunteer opportunities in India. Nine.Squares invites young professionals and students to be a part of the Indian design trail. Please write to us specifying ‘Volunteer Programme’ as the subject for the enquiry, we would get back to you at the earliest.


To collaborate with Nine.Squares you may go through our sponsorship deck attached below and explore multiple opportunities. Please write to us specifying ‘Partnerships’ as the subject for the enquiry, we would get back to you at the earliest.

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